Youth Ministry

321 Fundamentals

For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received . . . (1 Cor 15:3)


“321 Fundamentals” is designed for students to learn the basics of the faith and to have fun as well.  This class gives students a place to invite their friends and family. 


We will meet on Sunday evening starting at 6pm – 7pm.  The regular meeting time will have half the time doing fun activities/games and the other half a lesson.  The lessons are designed to have more feed back and more open to questions.  There will also be special times when we do something fun (pool party, trip out of town, meeting at Sonic, etc.) 

Students are asked to reach out to other students and bring new people or people who only come to Sunday morning worship.


What is the Gospel?

Who are we?

Who is God?

Christianity and other religions?

Why we can believe the Bible?

What is required from you?

I am simply asking for parents to encourage their children to invite friends and family.  I am asking students to pray for 3 people, invite 2 and share the Gospel with one.  Each      student is challenged to invite and bring 2 people to this class.  Students are also encouraged to meet and befriend new people who come to this class.

Why are we doing this?

So that the Gospel goes out.  This class is focused on       outreach.  We cannot be a youth group and church that just takes care of “our own.”  We need to be reaching our schools and neighborhoods with the Gospel or we are not being what Christ wants us to be as a church.