Vision of RBBC Student Ministry

Rising 7th grade Parents Meeting
The Goal and Vision of RBBC Student Ministry
1. Goal: To work with the parents in the overall discipleship of your student by teaching them the scriptures and giving them avenues to grow in their maturity.
2. Vision: We believe that sharing the Gospel, teaching the scriptures and giving accountability will help grow your student into a disciple who makes disciples.
3. Parental role
a. We believe that the main discipler of your child is you.  We plan on not only investing in your child but investing in you as well.
b. We cannot take your place and you will have a far greater impact on your child than we ever will.  We are a tool that you get to use to help mold your child into an adult follower of Jesus.  

The regular meeting times and purposes
c. Sunday Morning Sunday School
i. This is our main teaching time. During this time, we have music/worship and then divide up between younger and older groups.  
ii. We usually take a book of the Bible and walk through it verse by verse, but this Fall we will be looking at some basic beliefs of the Bible.
d. Sunday evening 
i. We meet for a more relaxed time and usually talk through particular topics and then have a fun event.
ii. This summer we are talking about prayer and then going out afterwards to get snow cones or food or a pool party. 
e. Wednesday night
i. We divide up between gender and age.  These small groups focus on discipleship and accountability.  This is not for everyone, but everyone is invited.  
ii. Here is a place where you can be honest about struggles and find other people your age that can understand what you are going through.
iii. Each group has two leaders.